I never pass a pile of trash on the street without slowing down to look at it. Many times I stop and look for something I can use. If so, in the trunk it goes.
I am an artisan  who has been painting since 2005…. abstract, mixed media etc.
I started painting on canvas and gravitated to  working with reclaimed materials….. decades old barn wood, large bamboo pieces, metal, tree slabs, vintage piano woodand many other items intended for the scrap pile.    
Everything I create now is re-purposed…..such as reclaimed wood coffee tables. I give new life to items that would have been burned or gone to the scrap pile.  I have used materials from picket fences to pianos. Round tables, square  tables, oval tables -- whether end tables, coffee tables, or consoles I have the perfect ones to fit your room.  I also create 3-D accent pieces, wall art and bamboo sculptures. 
The repurposed movement seems to be gathering momentum and I believe my work is appropriate for the corporate atmosphere or the home environment where people are looking for something truly unique and a great conversation piece.
All of my tables are handcrafted.   The final product is a very unique piece of furniture unlike the assembly line furniture you find in large retailers.  In order to offer a large quality selection at affordable prices, I keep a minimal inventory and make most of my items to order.   

Call us to design and make a  commission piece...I can also use material that you have such as boards from your grandfathers barn.